East Bay Loop’s Chef’s Corner

I was featured in East Bay Loop’s Chef’s Corner last week!

The first thing that you notice about Chef Terry Braggs is his warm personality and huge smile. The second thing you notice is his passion for food. At the age of 27, Chef Braggs has cooked in a plethora of Bay Area restaurants and is well versed in Italian, French, Caribbean and Latin cuisine. His passionate relationship to food makes him an expert in the kitchen, and his charming charisma translates well into the social atmosphere of the catering world. Chef Braggs has been a creative force his whole life, and after exploring acting and fashion design, he eventually found his voice in the culinary arts. As in any art form, the artist is reflected in the work he creates. And for Chef Braggs you can see and taste the comfort, pride and fun with which he approaches every dish.

Check out the rest of the article here.


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