Kitchen Aid + Meyer Lemons = Delicious desserts on Monday!


I’m so excited for Monday’s “Dinner on demand!” January 6th I’ll be preparing a special dessert using freshly picked Meyer lemons to go along with the main dish of course.

If you haven’t heard of my every Monday “Dinner on Demand” yet you might wanna keep reading lol!

For those of you who are busy professionals working hard Monday through Friday cooking dinner the first night of the work week can be exhausting sometimes. I’ve creating this dinner on the go service just for you! It’s nutritious, inexpensive, convenient, and most importantly its a home cooked meal that tastes amazing! Plates start at $12 each and may increase a few dollars depending on what delicious creation I come up with. 😉

Buy dinner by the plate for the whole family, you and a friend, or just one dinner for yourself, all you have to do is come pick it up and either myself or a server will greet you at your with a warm smile and hot and fresh to-go plate.

Please email me through my “contact” page or directly at if you’re interested. Leave a name, phone number, and email. Happy New Year, enjoy!



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