I’m looking to hire a couple of great additions to the Bragging Ryt’s team!

Hello world! I’m hiring interns to join my team! It takes special individuals to keep up with an entrepreneur so please, serious inquiries only.

Responsibilities include:

  • Administrative work (i.e. checking email, communicating with private clients, managing social media accounts, taking pictures at events, writing and note taking, etc)
  • Kitchen assistance (i.e. basic knife skills is a must, help prep, clean up, light cooking with me, etc)
  • Grocery shopping
  • Attend meetings with private clients
  • Participate in my intense 2 hour+ gym workouts (optional) 😉


  • Must have a reliable car w/ insurance & drivers license
  • Send 2 recent pictures
  • Admin and/or restaurant/catering/kitchen experience
  • Live local


  • Based on experience


  • Part-time
  • On-call



3 thoughts on “I’m looking to hire a couple of great additions to the Bragging Ryt’s team!

  1. Felix Ting

    Bro I’m down to do dishwashing prep setup shake hands and all the behind the scenes stuff unless you want me to flex my personality. I drive uber just so I can always be with my kids but you can always use me for something, I’ve done every position, and I trust you. I’ll hit the gym with you too and teach you Japanese plating and whetstone sharpening of Sushi knives. You know I got so much love and respect for you. I can be flexible I can work a lot if you need me but really I’m just one of those solid people that can be on call and can do just about everything because I’ve done about everything in the game. I think the best thing about me is that I’m a really nice guy with a good attitude and I get along with new clients really well if you want to focus on the food and just have somebody talk for you just tell me what you wanted to sound like and I’ll use my mouthpiece and my corny little Chinese smile. The biggest thing with me is I want to be involved with people that work together well because I miss playing teams words honestly even though I wasn’t good at basketball, I was pretty good at volleyball though. Anyways take care hit me up you know you can always reach me

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