Chef Braggs is the owner of Bragging Ryt’s Catering LLC. His experiences has given him the versatility of chef roles, allowing him the ability to offer multiple services such as:

  • catering for small and large events
  • intimate dinner parties
  • personal chef for everyday meals
  • cooking/baking instruction for parties or personal growth

Please contact us for more information and let us help you organize your next event!

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Terms and Conditions
A 50% deposit is required to confirm your event unless other arrangements have been made in writing with our management. All events must be paid in full by the official date of your event unless other arrangements have been made in writing. Events booked within 5 days of the scheduled date must be paid in full prior to services being rendered. Events booked well in advance, such as weddings have the option of having a payment plan implemented. Payment may be made with personal check, cashier’s check, cash, or credit/debit.

Failure to cancel your event within 72 hours will result in a non-refundable deposit.

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  1. imber

    Our family does not eat corn products (like maltodextrin, baking powder {we sub cream of tartar & baking soda}, and most of the ingredients in all ). Our family does not eat dairy or eggs. Our family does not eat fish. Our family eats grass fed lamb, organic chicken. Our family also avoid night shades. We are tough to cook for… could you handle us? There are 4 of us and we love to eat. And, of course, we avoid wheat, ha!

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